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Why Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is the fastest and most economical ways to divide, define, or decorate a space. Traditionally, trade shows and conventions often employ it to create individual booth spaces. However, we've created a list of popular other uses. 

Dance Competition

Used in a gymnasium to create a behind-the-stage area

Tent Liners

Erase white tent walls and replace them with vibrant colors

Airport Hangar

 Drapes can turn a great location into an ideal venue.

Crowd Control

   3' poles for crowd control and direction

Quilt Show

  Drapes provide a blank canvas to showcase quilts

Vip Lounge

  Segment off any size area at any event


Block off customers from less-than-ideal-looking construction areas.


   Create a canopy for the ceremony or dress-up chairs for guests

Portable Banner

 Stands to share information quickly with visitors

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