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Our Story

BJR: Expo Services is a proud, family-owned-and-operated company. Co-owners and partners, Erica and Brandon, along with their big, beautiful family have called Reno home for 10 years. However, Erica's connection to Reno began decades ago. Her Mother, Aunt, and Uncle all graduated from Wooster High School. Her Grandmother made a living as a blackjack dealer at Harris' in the 1980's. 


Erica and Brandon have five children (Brandi/Brooklyn/Jr/Raymond/Robert). They are their inspiration behind creating the initials of BJR in the company's name.


Brandon primarily focuses on the logistical side of BJR: Expo Services. He also operates a delivery company based out of Sparks. Although, BJR: Expo Services is a new "business," it is not a new concept to the couple or the area.


Prior to this company's inception, Erica worked with a successful pipe-and-drape company for a number of years. Then, recently, a unique business opportunity presented itself. A local company liquidated its complete inventory and closed its doors. The former owner is now happily enjoying retirement, while her legacy continues on.


Erica and Brandon are eternally grateful and appreciative to the previous owner, who has graciously agreed to mentor them on this journey. They look forward to continuing to provide excellence service to her loyal customers. They also look forward to working with and impressing their potential customers in the local Reno and expanding areas.


Thank you for your time and attention in reading about us and our journey. Please contact Erica for further questions or inquiries. 


All Our Best,


Erica, Brandon, Brandi, Brooklyn, Jr, Raymond, and Robert

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